Tuesday, April 16, 2015 – Niles Company Seminar

Traps for the Unwary Property Manager

Tuesday, April 16, 2015
Luncheon Seminar  at Niles Company

Led by Attorneys Howard S. Goldman and Cameron C. Pease of Goldman & Pease, LLC, this seminar for the Niles Company will address common pitfalls that property managers should avoid in managing their properties and suggest helpful ways to avoid and correct these mistakes. The seminar will draw on recent, real-world Massachusetts cases where landlords or property managers have been held liable. Attorneys Goldman and Pease will analyze these cases in an interactive format with the seminar participants and discuss what steps the landlord or property manager could have taken to avoid and/or minimize liability. Moreover, this seminar will help both new and experienced property managers to spot key legal issues and protect themselves and their clients.

Scheudle Your Company Seminar

If your property management company would like to schedule a similar seminar please call Howard Goldman or Cameron Pease to discuss the details.

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