Unit Owner Violates Condominium’s Smoking Policy Resulting in Significant Fines and Ultimate Sale of Unit

Goldman & Pease represented Condominium Trustees in an action seeking to enforce the Condominium’s smoking policy against a unit owner whose smoking infiltrated the common areas of the Condominium, in violation of the Condominium’s smoking policy. We sent repeated written demand to the unit owner to cease smoking in the Condominium and advised the Trustees to levy fines for the unit owner’s continuing violation in accordance with the Condominium’s Rules and Regulations. However, when the unit owner refused to comply with the smoking policy and to pay the fines, Goldman & Pease commenced a civil action in Quincy District Court seeking to recoup payment of the outstanding fines and to enjoin the unit owner from further violating the smoking policy. After propounding extensive discovery upon the unit owner, we were able to negotiate a settlement whereby the unit owner paid the total outstanding fines and ultimately moved out of the Condominium.

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