Can a MA landlord choose not to renew the lease on college students?

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I am a landlord with  rental properties in Dedham MA.  As a landlord, do I have the ability to evict a tenant at the end of the lease term for no reason?  There is nothing on the lease suggesting the tenant has a right to renew. And no clause for renewing. So is it even called eviction if the landlord simply chooses not to renew the lease on college students?


No it’s not called an eviction. The tenancy terminates because of the expiration of the lease terms. Unfortunately for many landlords, many tenants do not voluntarily vacate at the end of the lease term. Even though the lease terminates pursuant to its terms, a landlord cannot simply change the locks at the end of the lease if the tenant does not vacate. This is called a “self-help eviction” and has some serious liability ramifications for a landlord if they simply change the locks. To be safe, a landlord should send a letter to the tenants at least 30 days prior to the leases expiration advising the tenant that they do not intend to renew the lease. If the tenants do not vacate at the end of the lease, the landlord would then have to file a summary process complaint and seek a court order for possession and related damges.

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