Wednesday, November 2, 2022 – “Let’s Talk Real Estate” Radio Show

Howard Goldman was a guest on a radio talk show “Let’s Talk Real Estate” on Wednesday, November 2 at 11:30am.

Let’s Talk Real Estate delivers real estate education and expert perspectives in an informative and entertaining way.

You may listen to the show by visiting Let’s Talk Real Estate

The discussion includes:

Condominium Law:

Condo documents highlights

Issues to consider in purchase of condo: budget, cash reserves, who are the trustees and active leadership, Fannie questionnaire issues, unruly tenant, condo fines and tenant misdeeds, sewer back up into unit from common area pipes, common vs limited common areas and unit space and duties

Property managers:

Why useful for rental property, issues to consider when hiring one, and indemnity.

Title insurance and curing defective titles:

What is title insurance and is it necessary


14 day notice to quit for non-payment, right to cure, Covid filing requirement for non-payment cases, termination for cause and expiration of tenancy at will, summary process and court jurisdiction, mediation and constable move out after court execution for possession and damages

Unfair and deceptive trade practices (93A):

Trade or business necessary, multiple damages, demand letter requirement

Representative Real Estate Matters Include (If we have time):

  • Represented numerous real estate purchasers in cases where sellers attempted to terminate purchase and sales agreements. Through specific performance and a lis pendens actions, we protected our clients’ rights to purchase those properties.
  • Encroachments and Adverse Possession –We regularly handle boundary disputes between neighbors. For example, following a survey to appropriately place new fencing, it was discovered a property boundary line was not where either neighbor thought. Claims of adverse possession ensued, and the matter was resolved through a planful mediation process.
  • In a recent matter our client, seeking to purchase of a multifamily dwelling, learned of multiple hidden defects prior to closing. The seller sought to move on to the next buyer despite language in the purchase and sale agreement allowing for a revision of the purchase price. We obtained preliminary relief in the Massachusetts Land Court through a lis pendens, which prevented the seller from moving on to the next purchaser. This prompted renegotiations regarding the price in light of defects. A sale quickly resolved.
  • We recently successfully prosecuted, then negotiated a claim of legal malpractice brought because of buyer counsel’s failure to monitor a mortgage contingency date, which caused our client to lose his deposit.

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