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  • Leasing Issues – We advise commercial tenants and landlords on lease construction, amendments, renewals, and, where negotiations fail – are unafraid to take matters to litigation. When a large commercial landlord of Grade A space, suitable for high tech industry, was faced with the strong-armed tactics of a Fortune 100 tenant, the tenant refused outright to pay fully for all the square footage utilized. Negotiations quickly broke down. Through a series of aggressive moves, we successfully opposed a motion to dismiss brought by a major international law firm, and reached a new lease agreement that acknowledged the tenant’s full use of the leased space.


  • Over-the-Air and Antenna Licensing – Large wireless service providers must navigate federal state and local law regarding antenna placement on leased sites and subsequent upgrades to telecommunications equipment. Unfortunately, many subcontractors in this line of work take shortcuts, and antennae and equipment space lessors must continually protect their rights.  Recently, on behalf of a large condominium outside of Boston, we asserted the lessor rights against a major national wireless provided which had almost doubled its use of the condominium’s space for antennas and equipment, without permission, without proper permits, and without an increase in rent.


  • Commercial Law Foreign Jurisdiction Analysis – An otherwise straight-forward contract for purchase negotiation concerned the purchase of heavy construction machinery. But the purchaser failed to pay, and Goldman & Pease headed to court to begin a commercial collection matter, the other side brought in a ruling in a Canadian court to complicate the matter, which threatened our client’s effort to gain the benefit of his bargain. Our attorneys successfully persuaded a Massachusetts Superior Court to read the Foreign Jurisdiction Act to allow the collection notwithstanding a foreign judgment affecting the same equipment.

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